Renfrewshire Council

Updating Contact Information

Your contact information can be accessed from the contact information tab of the personnel information window.

Contact Tab

The contact information tab contains two lines for address information, a general address and a home address, and a section to enter next of kin/emergency contact details.

  • Your General address contains the work address details attached to your position. This should not be changed by self-service. However you can self-serve to update your work contact number and email address. The email address entered in the general employment line is the email address that will be used for all alerts from the application.
  • Your Home address contains your personal address and contact information. All fields in this row can be updated by self-service.
  • Next of Kin & Emergency Contact details can all be added/amended by self-service.


To view step by step instructions on how to update each section of your contact information click on the relevant user guide in the related documents section of this page.