Renfrewshire Council

Consultation on Taxi and Private Hire Car Licensing Requirements

We are seeking your views as to what requirements vehicles should have to meet to be licensed as taxis and private hire cars in Renfrewshire.

We have launched this public consultation on possible changes to the our current requirements in relation to these vehicles.

Our current policy was introduced in 2002, requiring taxis (and MPVs used as private hire cars) to be wheelchair accessible.

We have more recently removed the requirement for a minimum engine size in relation to private hire cars.

We are seeking your views in relation to proposed new licence conditions for these vehicles and in response to a number of questions, which are set out in the full consultation document which can be found in the Related Content section.


What are the requirements for these vehicles under the Council's current licensing policies?

We currently require taxis to be white, wheelchair-accessible and less than eight years old from their date of first registration.

Vehicles require to be removed from licensing once they become eight years old.

Private hire cars require to be any colour other than white, at least 48" wide across the rear seat and less than seven years old (eight years where they are wheelchair accessible MPVs).

What are the proposals being consulted upon?

We are consulting on possible new conditions for these licences.

The consultation proposals for taxis include the possibility of fully electric/zero emissions vehicles which meet improved wheelchair accessibility standards being allowed to operate for a longer period (15 years).

The consultation proposals for private hire cars include the possible removal of the minimum rear seat measurement (48") requirement and introduction of a minimum luggage capacity, with electric cars similarly being able to be operate for a longer period (10 years).

We are also seeking views on a number of other matters in relation to taxis and private hire cars, such as whether a vehicle should be under a particular age when first licensed by the Council and whether additional requirements should be introduced (for example, in relation to the type of ramps used for loading wheelchair passengers into a vehicle, or whether vehicles should allow wheelchair users to be loaded into a vehicle from the side only).

Would any changes to the current policy be introduced immediately?

Following the consultation, a further report will be taken to the Regulatory Functions Board.

We are seeking views at this time on how and when any changes should be introduced.

How do I submit my views?

The consultation is now open and any responses should be submitted by Tuesday 3 December 2019 to ensure that any views are considered as part of the consultation exercise.

Responses may be submitted by:-

Email: Licensing

Post: Head of Corporate Governance, Renfrewshire Council, Cotton Street, Paisley, PA1 1TT.

It is anticipated that responses to the consultation, or a summary of responses, will be reported to the Regulatory Functions Board