Renfrewshire Council

Footway widening

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it's important that pedestrians have enough room on our pavements to walk and queue with the appropriate physical distancing - especially around essential services such as pharmacies and food shops.

Places like this can have long queues and it's important that everyone is safe when visiting.

Therefore, using Spaces for People funding from the Scottish Government, we widened footways at a number of key locations across Renfrewshire

These were part of immediate measures required to keep everyone safe, make people feel comfortable when using their local area and ensure businesses could operate safely and would not need to make significant alterations to their premises.

The effectiveness and requirement for the barriers was continually reviewed and following analysis, and requesting feedback from local businesses, it was identified that appropriate distancing could now take place safely without the barriers in place.

Therefore, they have now been removed and we will monitor the areas to ensure they continue to be safe for all residents and visitors.

If you have any comments, please let us know via Spaces for People.