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PupilPay FAQ's



How does my child order their meal?

Your child will choose their name on the classroom SMARTboard. They will be presented with that days menu options and make their meal choice; younger pupils will be guided by their teachers. It is at this stage, the cost of the meal will be deducted from your child's account.

Pupil's will receive a corresponding coloured band/token prior to lunch service and on handing this over to the catering staff, they will receive their meal choice.

What if my child changes their mind after they have placed their pre-order?

Catering staff will have prepared a selection of additional meals therefore there will be a few extra to accommodate this however, this improvement is aimed at reducing food waste therefore we do discourage this occurring regularly.

What if my child is late?

A procedure will be offered within the school to accommodate this. Staff at the office or kitchen will take late orders.

What if my child gets sent home, or for some other reason doesn't collect their meal at lunch time?

The cost of the meal will be credited back on to your child's account.

How do I pay for meals?

There are 3 ways to pay:

  1. To pay a fixed sum in advance, go to the "Online payments for schools" webpage. Follow the link and instructions on how to activate your account.
  2. Top up pupil accounts using the revaluation units in schools (these units accept coins only).
  3. Pay in cash.

It is preferable for parents to pay online, or if you would rather pay cash to the school, to pay a larger sum in advance. This speeds up the lunch time process and allows children more time to enjoy with their friends.

How does it work if my child receives free meals?

If your child is entitled to a free school meal, their account will be automatically credited with the allowance on a daily basis.

What else can I pay for online?

When you log on to make a payment you will be presented with other school funds that can be paid e.g. trips, music lessons, home economics etc. The school office will attach all appropriate funds open to each of your children.

Traditional methods of informing you of these events will still be used (e.g. letter sent home advising about event and detailing costs etc.). Payment can then be made via the payment portal. Parental consent forms and other relevant information are also available online.


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