Renfrewshire Council

Traffic management at each site is being removed throughout November to ensure the correct health and safety measures remain in place/

Recycling Centre locations and opening times

There are five recycling centres across Renfrewshire where you can recycle, re-use and dispose of a wide range of household materials.

Please follow the traffic management road signs at all times to keep yourself, other motorists and our safe.


Barrhill Road, Erskine. PA8 6BU
Open seven days - 8am to 6pm.
Cars only. Erskine - traffic management

There is no entry from Old Greenock Road into Barrhill Road for any vehicles.

Access to the site is by left turn from Craigends Drive so please join the queue here.

Exit from the site shall be by left turn only onto Old Greenock Road.


Miller Street, Johnstone, PA5 8HP
Open seven days - 8am to 6pm.
Cars only.

Johnstone - traffic management

Traffic should join the queue on Miller Street for left turn access to the HWRC site.  Please join the queue from Peockland Gardens. 

There is no access to the site queue from Broomward Drive.



Middleton Road, Linwood, PA3 3DP
Open seven days - 8am to 6pm.
Cars (inc. with trailers), vans, pickups and larger vehicles allowed with a valid permit.
Find out more - Vans, pickups and trailers.

Linwood - traffic management

Traffic for the Linwood site should queue in Middleton Road.  

There is manually-controlled 'Stop/Go' signs to allow through traffic and access for council vehicles to the site for servicing purposes.



Underwood Road, Paisley, PA3 1TL
Open seven days - 8.30am to 6pm.
Cars only.

We must allow collection and other service vehicles to leave the Underwood Road depot safely which is why it will open slightly later.

Paisley - traffic management

There is no right turn from Underwood Road into the site.  Traffic should join the queue from Well Street, turning right into McKenzie Street, right into Greenhill Road, then left onto Underwood Road and left into the HWRC site.  

Underwood Road has 'no parking' restrictions to allow the through traffic to continue in both directions, whilst still allowing the traffic to queue for the site.


Haining Road, Renfrew, PA4 0AJ 
Open seven days - 8am to 6pm.
Cars only.

Renfrew - traffic management

There is no right turn from Dean Park Road into the site.  

Traffic should join the queue from Haining Road, using the access road to Renfrew High School/Cricket Club Car Parks, then turning left into Dean Park Road and left into the HWRC site.  

There is temporary traffic controls on Dean Park Road using manually-controlled 'Stop/Go' signs for the through traffic.  

If you are coming from the Cockles Loan direction, you will need to go through the traffic management and then turn left into Haining Road and join the queue - you will not be able to turn left into the site.