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Come to Renfrewshire to start your Early Learning and Childcare career

It's a rewarding job helping children learn and grow - are you up to the challenge? For a career that truly makes a difference, come join us in Renfrewshire and take up a new role in Early Learning and Childcare. We'll have lots of exciting job opportunities coming up now until well beyond August 2020.

An exciting and rewarding new career

What makes a career in Early Learning and Childcare in Renfrewshire so exciting and rewarding?

· You get to teach children skills for life

· It's an extremely satisfying feeling, helping young minds learn and grow towards a positive future

· No two days will be the same, plus you'll never be stuck behind a desk all day

· It's a secure job with lots of scope for career progression

· There are lots of opportunities to grow and develop your skills, including a dedicated training programme to help you progress your Early Learning and Childcare career.

· You could start your early learning and childcare career close to home! We'll be recruiting for staff for our nurseries right across Renfrewshire thanks to the expansion of funded early learning and childcare hours from 600 to 1140 by August 2020.

· Our terms and conditions are competitive. We offer both term-time and full-time contracts as well as flexible working arrangements.

Roles available

Creative, Caring, Positive & Motivated. Does that sound like you?

Take a look at the roles we have available and the skills you'll need to kick start your Early Learning and Childcare career. 

  • Early Learning & Childcare Officer

You will work as part of a team to provide high quality education and care to children and their families, maximising learning and development. This role is open to anyone with a practitioner qualification (HNC in Childcare) or equivalent qualification (for example SCQF level 7 in Social Services and Health Care as recognised by the Scottish Social Services Council). 

  • Early Learning and Childcare Support Worker

You will work closely with the early learning and childcare officers to provide care and support to children. This role would suit you if you're looking to progress your childcare, are looking to get back into work or looking for a career change. This role includes on the job training towards an accredited Early Learning and Childcare qualification.

  • Early Learning and Childcare Modern Apprentice

You will learn the key skills needed to work in early learning and childcare, maximising your learning and development.

  • Early Years Graduate

You will support the implementation of a curriculum which ensures all children access high quality early learning and teaching experiences.

Be part of our team. Apply today

Interested? We're already recruiting and would love to hear from you. To apply simply visit MyJobScotland. For an informal discussion about any of our Early Learning and Childcare opportunities, call Pamela Barclay on 0141 618 7023.

Advice to help you get started

Getting formal qualifications in Early Learning and Childcare is a great way to gain confidence and practical experience. There are lots of great training courses and development opportunities available here in Renfrewshire. For a full list of courses available and providers, click here


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